Announcing the hosts and dates for RDWC 2025!


The Roller Derby World Cup Committee are very pleased to announce the hosts and dates for the next Roller Derby World Cup, in collaboration with the Roller Derby Nations Committee, representing all involved nations.

Our hosts, Fearless Bruisers Roller Derby, of INNSBRUCK, Austria, will be welcoming skaters from around the World to the Olympiaworld Sports Complex from 3-6 JULY 2025, for what will be the largest World Cup to date.

We will very shortly be making announcements of application processes for:
Teams (who must be RDNC members at the time of application) and Tournament Head Officials, Announcers, Photographers and other roles for this event. The latter positions will become part of the RDWC Organising Committee for the event on selection.

The host league, Fearless Bruisers Roller Derby Innsbruck, were established in 2016, during the years when Austrian Roller Derby was just getting its wheels on the ground. What started as a feminist initiative quickly turned into a passionate team, dedicated to the sport and culture of roller derby. Their founding goal remains an important part of the team's character today: "to bring queer-feminist contact sports on roller skates to Innsbruck and to take down conventional ideas of femininity* in a strong, courageous and self-determined way."

Innsbruck, Austria, with its rich history, amazing natural beauty, vibrant cultural scene, and diverse attractions, allures travelers from around the globe. Thanks to the mountain sport enthusiasts who flock to the city year-round and the university, which brings in students from all over the world, the atmosphere in the city is diverse and open.

The venue, Olympiaworld, was originally built for the Winter Olympic Games in 1964. It has since been renovated and expanded to become a modern, multi-use sports complex that hosts a variety of events from concerts to conferences to large sporting events. This venue is large enough to support the anticipated 5 simultaneous tracks that will be necessary for the 2025 Roller Derby World Cup, as well as offering plenty of ancillary spaces for spectators, participants, vendors, and press.

The Roller Derby World Cup Committee is the advisory and organizing committee for the 2025 World Cup. It consists of 3 permanent members with extensive experience of previous World Cups and other Roller Derby events, and is chaired by Robin Graves, who has extensive experience from organizing the previous three World Cups. Its membership expands during World Cup planning to incorporate the expertise from across the Roller Derby community necessary to achieve such an event.

The Roller Derby Nations Committee is a body formed post the 2014 World Cup, consisting of representatives from each Nation capable of competing in a World Cup or other International Event, and representing their collective views and will. Since its formal convening in late 2015, it has established a series of criteria for the functioning of National Team based events, including the definitions of eligible Nations themselves. The RDWC works in collaboration with the RDNC as the democratic voice of the Nations.

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