International Junior Derby Exhibition at the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup

The Roller Derby World Cup Committee is very pleased to be able to announce the roster of junior roller derby skaters participating in the International Junior Derby Exhibition game, on Day 4 of the Roller Derby World Cup 2018.

These skaters represent the upcoming derby talent from across the UK, Europe, and beyond, and we are very excited to be able to allow them to demonstrate their skill and passion for the game on an international stage.

For the Dolphins,
T.N.T. (Blackland Teenage Terrors, Belgium)
Ro La Grrrl (Hereford Poison Berries, UK)
Marnie Moo’vOva (Hereford Poison Berries, UK)
Miss D Roller (Hereford Poison Berries, UK)
The Knacky Boy (Dead Dragibus, Calais France)
Wince Pie Sheffield Steel Junior Rollers UK
Monawitch (Dead Dragibus, Calais, France)
Hi Velocity (Hereford Poison Berries, UK)
Niyalator (Hereford Poison Berries, UK)
Boneshaw (Hereford Poison Berries, UK)
Little Demon (Dead Dragibus, Calais France)
skeløbel (Hereford Poison Berries, UK)
Mad Drow (Blackland Teenage Terrors, Belgium)
Cereal Killer (Hereford Poison Berries, UK)
Abi (Sheffield Steel Junior Rollers, UK)
Nou Limit (Luleå Roller Derby, Sweden)
TildaEnd (Sheffield Steel Junior Rollers, UK)

Barb Wired, ElderBerry, Tristan Shout

For the Kingfishers,
Violent Vilda (Copenhagen Troublemakers, Denmark)
Jemolish (New Bournes, Eastbourne, UK)
Rollersaurus Wrecks (New Bournes, Eastbourne, UK)
Square Not (Rose City Rollers, USA)
Tiny Temper (DASH – Devon All-Star Hitters, UK)
May Cause Mayhem (New Bournes, Eastbourne, UK)
Salty Siggi (Copenhagen Troublemakers, Denmark)
Whizzy (DASH – Devon All-Star Hitters, UK)
Lady MacDeath (Lincolnshire Bombinos, UK)
Krush’Ems (DASH – Devon All-Star Hitters, UK)
Hesse (New Bournes, Eastbourne, UK)
ReBell (Lincolnshire Bombinos, UK)
Jammie Dodger (New Bournes, Eastbourne, UK)
Moleficent (New Bournes, Eastbourne, UK)
Blondie (Copenhagen Troublemakers, Denmark)
Asta La Vista (Copenhagen Troublemakers, Denmark)
Nutter (Copenhagen Troublemakers, Denmark)

Hairazor, Dr Stevel, Unleash Her