The 2018 Roller Derby World Cup Partners with Derby Duck Production to Live Stream the Entire Event

The Roller Derby World Cup Committee is pleased to be able to announce that all four days of the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup will be streamed online, via the production services of Derby Duck Productions. Derby Duck Productions are one of the most experienced event video and streaming companies in Roller Derby, having covered some of the highest level events in the UK and Europe, and we are very glad to have them working with us on this, the largest event in European Derby history.

Stream tickets are now available, for early-bird prices until the 29th January.

Stream tickets include access to all 4 tracks, all 4 days. Day passes will also be available, day of.

The Roller Derby World Cup Committee is also pleased to be able to unveil our live site for the Roller Derby World Cup. features complete schedules for all days, which will update as the event progresses, including linked score and other data for each bout, and team pages for each team. While a small number of additional features are planned for the site before the World Cup itself, we hope you will find the site’s schedule and team information to be useful at this point.

(Team information is taken from the official roster submissions to the Roller Derby World Cup and is correct at the time of this PR. All information on the site may update as a result of changes to submissions to us.)