Exhibition Games at Roller Derby World Cup!

With 38 teams all coming together in one place for the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup in Greater Manchester, you might already have enough reasons to book the start of February off.

If not, however, then the Roller Derby World Cup Committee can help: we’re adding not one, but two exciting Exhibition Games to the schedule for RDWC2018.

Firstly, it is a long established tradition that Roller Derby World Cups celebrate the immense talent of younger skaters playing Roller Derby right now. Not only are Junior derby skaters the adult Roller Derby stars of the future, they are also legitimately playing awesome derby right now – and across the world, as much as WFTDA derby.

In recognition of this, RDWC are pleased to announce a Junior Roller Derby Exhibition Game  scheduled for the final day of the competition. In keeping with the international basis of the contest itself, we will be showing the best of Junior derby from Europe, the Americas and the Pacific in one fantastic showdown.

Secondly, the RDWC are inspired by the continual spread of Roller Derby across the globe, as evidenced by the 11 new teams attending this World Cup compared to last time.

In order to encourage yet more development in future years, the RDWC are pleased to announce an Upcoming Nations Exhibition Game scheduled for the third day of the competition. This game will showcase two teams representing nations who were not able to form a National Team for the 2018 World Cup, as a preview of what exciting developments may take place by the next World Cup!