Congratulations to all of the people who have been chosen as announcers at the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup! We are so proud to have you with us.

Head Announcers
Bob Noxious & Stat Man
Honorable mention: Koolaid

Announcer Wranglers
Plastik Patrik
Miz Spydr
AK 40oz

Sweet Willy
Piggy Phatness
Inspector Muffin
Sugar Whips
Cecil B. Puffdaddy
Tara Armov
Chip Queso
Brad Example
Hard Drive
Latenight Lyle
Mello Joe
Vince Hannity
Lou Botomy
KC Bomber
Val Capone
Derby Nerd
Dick Pounder
Capt. Lou El Bammo
Lightning Slim
Mr. Whistler
Snoogins (UK)
sMACK DADDY (Scotland)
Pandamonium (UK)
Biertrix (UK)
Sven WillBeFamous (UK)
Stat Man
Mother Mercy (UK)
Bulldog (Scotland)
Other Parts of the World
Honest Dave (Australia)
Mike Mann (Australia)
Tronchatoro (Argentina)