Announcing the Tournament Head Photographers for the Roller Derby World Cup 2018!

The Roller Derby World Cup Committee are happy to announce the selection of our Tournament Head Photographers for the Roller Derby World Cup 2018, to be held in Greater Manchester, hosted by Rainy City Roller Derby, 1-4 February.

Sharing the role of managing and representing all 40 Nations’ team photographers, as well as helping to manage the Media of RDWC 2018 itself, we are delighted to have two experienced and well-loved European Photographers, both veterans of this tournament:

Finland’s Marko Niemelä and Belgium’s Vinciane Pierart aka NSP189

Between them, the two have shot almost 900 games over just their Derby Photography careers! Both photographers are just as excited to be in this position as we are to have them:

Marko: “During my 6 and ½ years in Roller Derby, I have now traveled over 90,000 km around the globe and have taken photos from approximately 450 games. It’s been an amazing journey, and when I began I would have never guessed where this adventure would take me. Now, I am thrilled and proud to be part of the Roller Derby World Cup 2018 organization and I can’t wait to meet all of the roller derbying world in Manchester next year. ”

Vinciane: “For almost 5 years I have been practicing roller derby photography, I feel more like being part of the sport (without skating… remember… NSP, Non-Skating Photographer ;)) than being attached to a particular team. From scrimmages to European tournaments or even World Cups, I travelled Europe and well beyond to shoot all those amazing players fighting on a track. Co-heading the Roller Derby World Cup 2018 with Marko is kind of an achievement for all the involvement we both have in documenting this sport. I cannot wait to see again the photographers I have met, and meet new photographers as passionate as we are, to freeze the best moves of international players from all over the world.”