Our 2018 Tournament Head Announcer Selected; Announcer Applications Now Available

The Roller Derby World Cup Committee is pleased to be able to reveal that our Tournament Head Announcer for the Roller Derby World Cup 2018 is Val Capone.

With 11 years’ experience announcing, as well as 13 years as a skater, and 8 as a coach, Val Capone is more than qualified to lead Team Announcer. Val was Broadcast Head Announcer for the first World Cup in 2011, and announced at the 2014 event as well. She is also currently Assistant Coach for the (USARS) Team USA Men’s Roller Derby.

Val also coordinates well with the other tournament officials, as she shares a matching tattoo with Tournament Head Referee Rawk!

In combination with this, we are also opening submissions for Announcers for the Roller Derby World Cup.

The Roller Derby World Cup will be held from 1 February to 4 February 2018 in Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, hosted by Rainy City Roller Derby.

[Applicants note: while you can state a preference for stream or house work, our default will be to alternate announcers between the two spots.]

Applications for Announcer roles will close on the 13th June.

Application: https://goo.gl/h42uOg