2018 Tournament Head Officials Announced

Roller Derby World Cup is happy to announce the Tournament Head Officials for the Roller Derby World Cup 2018, to be held in Greater Manchester, hosted by Rainy City Roller Derby, 1-4 February.

Photo credits (l-r): Rawk (Diz Ruptive Photography), Rev. Riot (Jules Doyle), Petti and Kirahvi (Jurgen Rijsdijk)

For Tournament Head Referees we have: Eric Rawk and Reverend Riot.
For Tournament Head NSOs we have: Petti and Kirahvi.

Rawk and Rev. Riot, from the U.S.A., are both WFTDA Level 5 Certified Referees, with a wealth of experience refereeing the highest levels of WFTDA tournament play. They return as THRs for the Roller Derby World Cup 2018 from the 2011 and 2014 Roller Derby World Cup.

Petti and Kirahvi are both WFTDA Level 3 Certified NSOs – amongst the highest certified NSOs outside of North America. Petti hails from the south of England, and Kirahvi from Finland, but they have both officiated at the highest level tournaments in roller derby, often at the same time. They return to officiate the Roller Derby World Cup from their attendance in 2014, and will hopefully also be taking their matching sequined backpacks acquired at that event!

The application for officials is below. Deadline is May 18, 2017.