2018 Roller Derby World Cup Announced!

The Roller Derby World Cup Committee are very pleased to be able to announce the hosts and dates for the next Roller Derby World Cup, in collaboration with the Roller Derby Nations Committee representing all involved nations.

Our hosts Rainy City Roller Derby, of GREATER MANCHESTER, England will be welcoming skaters from around the World to the giant EventCity venue from the 1st to 4th FEBRUARY 2018 for what we hope will be the largest World Cup event to date.

We will shortly be making further announcements concerning Applications for Teams, Officials, Announcers and Photographers for this event.


Host league, Rainy City Roller Derby, have been well known in the UK for some time, but have burst onto the International stage this year, and are now the only UK league in Division 1 of the WFTDA Rankings apart from London Rollergirls (currently at #21). They have considerable experience of hosting events, being one of the few leagues in the UK to lease, and run, their own venue (The Thunderdome), and similarly substantial expertise in media and press management, as shown by their highly successful recent rebranding. We are very pleased to be able to cap their already impressive year with this announcement.

The City of Manchester is one of the “second cities” of the UK, a vibrant contributor to national and international culture, sport, science, technology, journalism and politics for hundreds of years, a property it shares with the Greater Manchester metropolitan area containing it. The venue, EventCity, is a huge 16,000 sq. metre [172,000 sq. ft] hosting space, located in Trafford, not far from the internationally renowned Old Trafford soccer venue, home of Manchester United Football Club. The borough of Trafford, part of the Greater Manchester metropolitan area, is well suited to hosting international events as a result, with extensive accommodation and facilities.

The Roller Derby World Cup Committee is the advisory and organizing committee for the 2018 World Cup. It consists of a panel of 10 representatives from all areas of the Roller Derby community: skaters, NSOs and referees, photographers, announcers and journalists, and is chaired by Robin Graves, who has extensive experience from organizing the previous two World Cups.

The Roller Derby Nations Committee is a body formed post the 2014 World Cup, consisting of representatives from each Nation capable of competing in a World Cup or other International Event, and representing their collective views and will. Since its formal convening in late 2015, it has established a series of criteria for the functioning of National Team based events, announced from August 2016, including support of RDWC as the organizers of the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup.