Player Eligibility


We follow the eligibility rules of the Roller Derby Nations Committee. They can be reached at

To represent a nation, a player must meet one of the following criteria:

-Be born in that nation
-Have at least one parent or grandparent of that nationality
-Have acquired that nationality by marriage or naturalization
-Have resided in that nation for at least 5 years prior to the tournament (Defined as the consecutive five years immediately preceding the tournament).
-Hold a passport from that nation.

* Players must meet all minimum skills requirements as set by the WFTDA.

In addition the member nations voted these clauses into effect.

-Players may request special eligibility consideration to the RDNC board.
-Teams may use a more restrictive eligibility policy if they choose.
-Players may switch nations only between World Cup cycles.
-Once a player tries out for a particular nation, that is a declaration and players can only play for that team.
-Event promoters are required to adopt this policy and any other future policies or guidelines that RDNC votes to establish.
-Players cannot be members of more than one national team, regardless of gender